Our Process

We have outlined here what we believe to be critical steps in the planning process. This process has provided our clients transparency along the way to creating a financial plan or investment plan.

Evaluate Current Plan(s): A discussion to identify your financial goals and explore what type of professional relationship might be suitable based upon your current situation.

Analyze Data: We will evaluate whether or not you are on track to reach the goals you identified during our initial consultation.

*Present Recommendation(s): Through our educational process, we will provide objective alternatives to help you achieve your goals.

Implement Recommendation(s): The most critical step in our process entails helping you put your plan into action.

Monitor Progress: As your life changes, your financial and investment plans may need to change as well. Your chances to achieve your goals increase significantly when you monitor your progress.

*There are many cases where we will conduct more than one presentation meeting, depending upon the current situation of the client compared to his or her future goals.

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